Paul Tadalan  Chicago Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Coach

Paul Tadalan

Chicago Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Coach

Hi. I'm Paul. And my passion isn't just my own fitness. It's helping people bring out their best and grow their own passion, joy, and confidence in their health and physical abilities. I try and help people take on the world as the amazing people they are capable of doing things greater than they ever thought they could.  Fortunately, as a personal trainer and group fitness coach, I get to do this every single day. I get to be a part in the journey of so many people putting in work to better themselves, take on new and greater challenges, and look back and say "I'm stronger than I've ever been before."

I'm also an Ironman level triathlete, United States Air Force military veteran, digital marketer and content creator, writer, dog-dad, and husband. So just like everyone around me, I'm on a mission to hit my own goals as well-- doing my best to be a better athlete, trainer, and purposeful human being.  Nothing gives me greater joy than helping others and sharing stories. So I decided to start this website. Please  follow me and stay posted for future updates.

Happy Training,

Paul Tadalan